Hi everyone,

I currently am a Music Production and Creative Writing undergraduate student in London, and I would really love to pursue composition for visual medias as a career in the future. 

I was wondering if anyone here had some good suggestions or feedback on courses, degrees or schools in Europe (preferably with English as a teaching language)?

My first option would be the Scoring for Film, Tv and Videogames MA in Berklee Valencia, but since it looks like admissions are pretty tough (20 places per year) I would love to have some back-up plans.

I have also looked into some really interesting Composition Master's (Trinity College in Dublin, Royal College of Music in London) but one of my main worries remains this:

I have always been an ear player; I started by playing guitar and then picked up a bit of piano and drums just by jamming, listening a lot and swapping instruments with other kids.                                            

I am now taking private music theory classes and hope to get to an ABRSM grade 5 by June, so that I can have at least the slightest chance to get in one of these schools. However I still feel like most of these places would 'snob me' since I am not classically trained. What do you guys think?

Thanks a lot for your time and patience.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

Peace out,


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