Suggestion: have a kind heart

Hi all, the composers on this forum have varying degrees of experience and ability. Some are very sophisticated and have long credentials of proven compositional success as evidenced by performances of their works. But most do not, myself included. I, like many of the composers on this forum, am an amateur who posts here because it is the one place that I can post to get responses from my peers and hopefully learn something about my art and, possibly, improve what I do, based on suggestions from you. I tend to post comments on compositions which I have at least some enjoyment of - if I don't comment on your post, it's because you compose in a style I don't listen to (I don't in general listen to works which are rooted in 19th century classical music, which is a large portion of the music on this site) or because I don't have anything positive to offer you. But if I do comment on your piece, it's because I like something about it and because I want to offer you something that I hope is worthwhile to you. You may not take anything worthwhile away from my comment, but that is only natural. I always intend it in the best possible sense: to help you be a better composer -

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  • Yes!
    The purpose of critique is improvement for both the composer and the person giving the critic.
    I have been looking at better ways of being constructive and came across this page amongst others.
    We are all at different stages of finding our voice.
  • Well said Gav!

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