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Following a random conversation on a train yesterday where there was a discussion about 21st century ideas of musical dissemination, authenticity, reception, remix, interactivity etc, the issue of sub genre and sub-sub genre came up. I am interested in finding the most complex sub genres where there is a  blur of where on genres influence ends and another begins. I am always trying to find and examine different musical styles. Can anyone suggest some obscure amalgamations of genres and/or important artists within the field? What influenced them and are they driven by expanding the musical pallette or simply an antidote to what has come before? Some which were given to me were death gospel, baroque doom metal and nu-hop deep down... whatever that is! Is anyone on here creating this brand of ecclecticism, particularly that of 'classical'/'world' crossovers? Point me in the right direction if you are.

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  • I agree bob, in my first blog post I spoke of why cant music just be music without the need to pigeon hole it.

    I have discovered though, that many artist want their own identity and create something which represents them and what they write and how it can be more than just classical, rock, pop or whatever. Whilst I think the sub genre is unnecessary and i think to create that barrier means that it largely goes unnoticed by those outside of the sphere.

    This is the wikipedia definition of death gospel mentioned above:

    "Death Gospel is a genre of music popularized in the 21st century by the folk/americana artist Adam Arcuragi, and his band The Lupine Chorale Society.

    It draws from traditional Folk and Soul music, Outlaw CountryAmericana and the original old hymns and gospel songs from the Southern United States, which are often characterized by their dominant vocals."

    To me, it sounds interesting but I feel the name conjours up a different image in my mind, which could put one off listening to it. I also believe that this whole genre is just one artist... Whatever floats your boat I guess?!

  • What are you looking for? Simply allow various influences to inform your own original music. Composers have been doing that for centuries. An eclectic album that comes to mind, is the Beatles' Sgt Pepper album. It stand out in my mind because it was a very popular album. At that point in time, eclectic was embraced by the general public. Presently, music is labeled and placed in confining boxes...  

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