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Hi! At last I finished designing a structured timeline of composers and styles:

I am ready for your comments and please tell me if something is wrong! I will correct it.

On this timeline composers are grouped into colored areas, which identify styles. Some areas overlap, which means that some composers worked in several styles. This visualisation is meant to help studying and structuring composers and styles.

The start and the end of composer rectangle is the start and end of his life. Composer color shows his country (please see the legend in the timeline for colors). Bold font shows more well-known composers. Most styles have a thick colored line at their top, which shows the main interval when the style was active.

Click on composer, style or period to know more and listen to composer works.

Small tutorial:

And by the way, here is a similar clickable timeline of music genres:

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Thanks for all this Alexey!!!

I find it very interesting, educational, entertaining  and helpful. How are you involved in all this?

What can we all do with it? Are we suppose to contribute or to comment?

(Sorry, if these questions sound silly, I did not have the time to look more carefully to your links and suggested pages and to understand if we are to participate in a quiz or how it is played )

Many thanks anyway!

Socrates, thank you for your reply. I edited my post to be more informative. Guess the composer quiz is my separate project. Timeline links to its pages because Composer quiz already has composer's web pages with short descriptions and demo tracks.

On this timeline composers are grouped into colored areas, which identify styles. Some areas overlap, which means that some composers worked in several styles.  This visualisation is meant to help studying and structuring composers and styles.

I think, most important contribution to this project will be suggesting to impove the timeline by rearranging compsosers and styles to better represent music history.

As for the Guess the composer quiz, you can find it here:

Hello Alexey,

I had another look and kept all your links as book marks.

I will view it in more detail from time to time to see if I can help with your main requirement of improving the time line.

I note with interest that there are sections on pop music and jazz.

Another valuable addition imo would be to include world music. This I mean in an informed way by reference to some ethnomusicological methods.

Years ago I was thinking on a method for assessing various parameters of different folk styles by reference to Alan Lomax' "cantometrics" project:

But Lomax' method was trying to be all inclusive and I found it both very generalized and arbitrary. My idea was to define each style from within its own stylistic parameters.

Have a read on the article and we can discuss it further if you want and if we can find other interested contributors.

My main area of interest/research is the Greek Rebetiko style and still I am struggling for defining some of its stylistic parameters.



As for the quiz side of it, I joint the site and I played a little as a beginner. I found it both great fun  and educational. This is my first result on 30 questions:


You hear this track 1 times (100% correct), this minute 1 times (100% correct).

Your rating: 878. Correct composer: 80%

Played 6 of 154 tracks for this composer (total 6 answers).



I don’t understand yet fully how the site operates or my way about it, but most importantly I don’t see an option of how to sigh off now that I had my fun, so am to remain signed on permanently there?

Please help if you know.

Best regards!

Hi again Alexey ,

I just watched the youtube video of the quiz and I found it quite helpful. I feel I know it a bit better now, but oh, it's a lot of information to take in all at once.

Good fun, good options given to participants and as you say, very educational.



This looks extraordinarily useful, especially with all the recordings! I will be using your timeline a whole lot. I'm thankful.

Michael's proposition of course gives your quiz content a different perspective.

Some composers and styles are imo notably absent from this quiz.

For instance the classical lute and classical guitar repertoire either as solo or concert instruments is very much missed although vast in quantity (almost 7 centuries) and quality of output and equally or more influential than many composers present imo. Of course this may be a little subjective as well.


A few examples:



(Both much more influential imo than say, A. Rubinstein will ever be as a composer in a general historical appreciation of music quiz.)


From the first "golden guitar era" just chosen at random:


from 20th century repertoire


and countless others…


still, a very enjoyable quiz. Many thanks again!

Thanks for comments. I made image searchable to make finding composers in it easier. You can use Ctrl+F or 'Search on page' in your browser. I will answer other comments later.

Thanks for suggestions to include new composers. First of all, I have to say that Quiz and Timeline have different sets of composers. They have most well known composers in common. Less important composers can be more interesting in the timeline if they represent some relation or unique style or more important in Quiz if they have some specific sound. That is why you can find some composers only in Quiz or only in Timeline.

By the way, to see all composers in Quiz, go to Preferences and select Isles mode - you will see them below.

Not in Quiz, not in Timeline. If we need them, please help me with group on the timeline, that they should belong.

Umberto Giordano - ?

Ernst Fanelli - ?

Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji - ?

Sylvius Leopold Weiss - GUITAR?

Mauro Giuliani - GUITAR?

Francisco Tárrega - GUITAR?

Agustín Barrios - GUITAR?

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco - GUITAR?

Manuel Ponce - GUITAR?

These are already in both Quiz and Timeline:


Joaquín Rodrigo

I also have following guitar composers in Quiz and Timeline, that you did not mention:




Only in Quiz:





Composers below are also only in Quiz (not in Timeline). Do you think we need some? If yes, please help me with group on the timeline, that they should belong.


A Marcello






















AND MANY FILM COMPOSERS (see all of them in Preferences of Quiz)

I like the idea of creating a Guitar music area on the timeline. To do this, can you please help me select most important guitar composers from each period (Renaissance, Baroque and so on) - not just random composers?

I agree Michael! Sympathetic ears is exactly what a lot of music needs especially now a days when the "barbarians" are inside the walls. I am not familiar with his music, save a few tunes I have played as guitar arrangements, but I will keep an open mind.

Michael Sayers said:

Hi Socrates,

 His music now needs sympathetic ears that really want to listen and to judge only later.

Hi Alexey,

I like very much the idea of a combined plucked strings section (mainly Lute, Vihuela da mano, Guitar) and I will try to help as much as I can and time allows if it takes off .


As a quick clarification to your query as far as my special field is concerned:


Sylvius Leopold Weiss - GUITAR? No, Baroque lute

Mauro Giuliani - GUITAR? Yes

Francisco Tárrega - GUITAR? Yes

Agustín Barrios - GUITAR? Yes

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco - GUITAR? Yes (but the composer is not a guitarist)

Manuel Ponce - GUITAR? Yes (but the composer is not a guitarist)


I will try to come up in the next few days with a comprehensive guitar/lute/vihuela repertoire (playable all on a modern day guitar) by both guitarist and non guitarist composers, daunting as it seems to me at present.

The fact is that most of us (owing perhaps to our "academic upbringing") are used to regard most influential music as associated with pianist composers. This is a fact to very large extend of course, but also a flu left over from 19th century misapprehensions and ignorance that should not be allowed to continue imo.


Another two areas of stylistic interest that I can spot are those of solo and consort viol repertoire and of solo and consort recorder repertoire. Many solo pieces or trio sonatas written for recorder originally are still considered as flute repertoire by modern ignorance.

Going now to see if I have any luck today at your quiz.  :-)




Congratulations and thanks for such a wonderful and useful enterprise!

With huge emphasis on the word "useful"!

For completeness, I wonder whether you can find a person or persons knowledgeable about classical composers from the continents not currently represented, especially Asia.

Where do you obtain all these recordings?

Many thanks again for your initiative and the huge amount of work.

Socrates (and Alexey),

What do you think of including Carlos Paredes (Portugal) extraordinary and unique guitar compositions?

(Please don't confuse these with fado, it's classical music; even though using the same guitar, the Portuguese guitar.)

In way of introduction:

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