I'm happy how my mp3 turned out in Logic Pro, but not happy with how it turned out in Finale.  I'm submitting this tomorrow, December 1st, so any speedy feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Strings Speak.pdf

Strings Speak.mus

Strings Speak.mp3

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  • the mp3 is from Logic Pro.

  • Many of your double stops will be problematic for players, some will be impossible. (A violin only has 4 strings, see measure 43.  It can't perform six notes at the same time!)

    As I said in the other post, you have to become at least familiar with what the instruments can do.

    "Essential Dictionary of Orchestration" is available from Amazon for about $7.  It would help you avoid many of these mistakes.

    Try writing the piece first, then enter into Logic instead of creating unplayable parts.

  • This is orchestrated like you just opened the midi file into finale and did very little to alter the notes. 

    There is no reason to have half notes and whole notes in a piece where everything is pizz. nor is their any reason to have tied notes going into other measures. The sound is gone by the time that measure comes around. You are just making it more confusing. 

    You need to check your double stops, most are not playable at the speed you have it set. 

    Compositionally, its still lacking focus. Many of the notes sound like errors. You are not thinking about the notes on the page or who is playing what. Many parts over lap one another without justifiable reasons thus causing this overly muddy texture. 

    In my honest opinion, this still isn't ready for submission, especially to the high goal schools you are applying too. 

  • I'm sorry to be so direct and I don't mean to discourage you from continiuing, but If you submit this, they will not even look at it more than 10 seconds.  It isn't anywhere near ready to submit to any school of music.  It's simply illegible. I'm sorry but I can't say it any other way.  Please, take the time to revisit or learn more about notation.  It's a big deal. No one will give you the "benifit of the doubt".  That doesn't exist here.  Your scores MUST be clear and legible.  Everything I have seen from you up till now, has lacked this severely.  A thing to remember: when you ask someone to listen to your music, you are asking them to waste their time; time they cannot get back.  The least you owe them is to take these things seriously and put in 'the work'.



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