Just looking for opinions as far as strings. I just purchased EWQL Silver (because that's what I can afford right now) I am discovering there are so many brands out there.Where would EWQL rank compared to LASS, Symphobia, etc.Also is Kontakt the most widely used player?

Thank you in advance, just planning for the future.

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  • Hi Philip,
    Maybe you could clarify what your end goal is. I believe you're using EWQLSO with Cubase? If your goal is to better manage memory usage, you can unload any unused articulations from your Master KS patch to give yourself a little more headroom. Conversely, you can load Element patches instead of the Master. If your goal is just to have specific articulations from multiple patches combined in a single MIDI track, you can use Cubase's VST Expression maps to set up your own keyswitches.

    Phillip Park said:
    I can't think of a better way to load multiple articulations in one patch. Only thing is, I have no idea how to create my own KS patches. Can anyone enlighten me on this?
  • Hey Jan, well VSL hadn't made any noises about doing anything polyphonic when I posted. Of course since then I've written an entire article about polyphonic legato and which libraries use it.

    VSL does have a good player ... probably the best out there at the moment but despite owning several of their libraries (including the complete Appassionata Strings and Chamber Strings II libs) I definitely find other strings libs that I prefer to work with and give me a sound I prefer.

    Right now I'm using Spitfire Audio Chamber Strings and Symphonic Strings ... I've never heard string samples like this before ... they are amazing.
  • Hi Jan, really glad you liked Screaming Trumpet. I couldn't afford the upgrade unfortunately but I'm sure it's awesome.

    Here's my article Polyphonic Legato
    Two hands, no waiting.
    Hi CF, If someone asked me what was important about 2010 for digital samples I'd really only have one reply: polyphonic legato. You are probably go…
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