• I liked the sound of this library that you used for this piece. Can you tell what it is? I gathered that you didn't seperate each divisi for violins 1, violins 2, violas, celli, and basses, but rather strings hi, mid, and low. Am i right? Or maybe you did seperate them but I didn't quite catch that, especially on the first movement, where they are pizzicato and legato playing at the same time, I couldn't quite picture it in my mind which divisi is playing which. Overall, this is really an interesting composition. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Sam,

      I'm using the Albion 1 Strings.

      The way I layered it is this way:


      There are several String variations and options within the Albion one.

      I have used several different Strings and positioned them one after the other on Logic Pro X.

      I also did panning to create an effective sound distribution.





  • this is quite fun in the way that the first movement gradually gets wilder and the last movement theme at 8'19" is also a delight. The andante is too ponderous and long though, in my view, and doesn't really develop either.

    • Thanks David,

      The piece begins with A major, second movement is F sharp minor, and the third is in A minor.

      I think that the second movement gives a nice contrast to the first and third movements.

      And the word that you used is hilarious "pondering" was not expecting this description.


      Thanks for listening and for your comments,





      • I'm afraid I didn't understand your last comment -- "pondering" and "ponderous" are quite different in meaning. But perhaps it was a deliberate wordplay?

        • I think the words are related...

          ponder / ponderous



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  • Very warm and nice piece!  Not very long, each movement is short and sweet and follows classical / early classical norms.

    I did find the constant use of the short articulation in the 1st and 3rd movements rather unnatural for a string ensemble, though. While it does impart a sense of lightness to the symphony, which is a pleasant quality, IMO it lacks some of the warm, lyrical quality usually associated with string writing from fully-bowed-out notes. The 2nd movement features such fuller articulations, which is a nice break, but I did find the register rather low for a string ensemble, almost like the violinists are on vacation and the violists have taken over the lead. :-P  This isn't a big criticism, though.  Overall I enjoyed this piece.  Thanks for posting!

    • Very Valid points.


      The thing is that I am limited with what I can do with the tools I have. This is not a real orchestra and the violin options that are given do have a limiting quality so I'm trying to do whatever I can to acheive what I want, but as I said, there are limitations to what can be acheived with a computer program.


      Thanks and Regards,



      • Understood. Great job with working with what you have!


      • The Albion 1 is quite a sophisticated orchestra, though perhaps more geared towards film music than something like this piece (the BBC SO is more classically orientated in my view). I think you've done a reasonable job on the whole with the mock-up -- certainly it has plenty of bite. Still the limitations these days in doing a good mock-up are more to do with time, skill and money than limitations with a computer programme. I for one most certainly don't have unlimited time and money but I think even my very average mocks ups, though not matching a professional symphony orchestra, are probably more musical than many an amateur one could produce.

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