• When I hear this piece, I think to myself that there are 5 or so different things that I can do to make it even better. I composed it in about 2 days. The second movement was done in one sitting, I just played the entire movement from scratch and didn't change anything to it. So one can say that this work is a nice sketch that can be good enough as a stand alone piece, but can further develop into a more sophisticated work as a whole. That is why I retain all the copies of my works In Albion and not just save the soundfiles, for the option to edit them in the future if I choose so.


          I'm not saying that I'm an expert in all that Albion has to offer, I'm not. But with time more and more possibilities are opening up, but even with that one has to admit that this is a computer program and it does have its limitations even in the hands of a very competent musician.





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