String Quintet Movement

Hello everyone, this is a vst rendition of the latest version of this movement from a longer work I have been composing for a few weeks. Any feedback especially on score perform-ability, musical shape or production would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 



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  • Thanks, it is intended to be just a string quintet however the VST I used for string instruments seemed to sound best when set to full strings, so thats just a placeholder till I can get it performed. Just noticed myself that there are a few bars in the score which I havn't yet included in the demo, however I can say that bar 13 was intentionally left out for now as I am still toying with some transition ideas from the opening chords to the next section. I do see what you mean about the rhythmic buildup suddenly stopping in the third section and while this is my intention I agree that it may be a little abrupt, so I may work on extended/developing that middle section so it fits more smoothly into the final part.


    Bob Porter said:


    Please take my comments with a healthy grain of salt.

    Even though I don't always care for this type of music, I found much to enjoy in your piece. I did notice three things.

    1. Your recording seems to feature a full orchestra, not a quintet. Is this your intent?

    b. You started to build some nice rythmic patterns, but then stopped the flow with a bunch of halting rests. I might have liked to hear a continuous build untill the end. That's just me.

    3. Your pdf doesn't seem to match the mp3.

    Thanks for posting this.

  • I don't think there were any non-string sounds in the patch I used, although it is obvious there is a fair amount of voice doubling built in to the setting I used. In regards to the instrumentation, I would very much like the piece to have the same degree of force in a performance as the VST rendition plays, but you are probably right in regards to the string quintet being a little thin for that.

    To combat that I will most likely double all of the parts with other instruments from the overall piece, however if i stick to what I have used so far (and save retrospectively adding parts to the previous compositions, although that may be benificial) I am left with a choice of 3 saxophones, 2 clarinets, piano and flute. I didn't much care for the timbral effect of adding piano to the piece particularly in the third section which made it seem more comical than necessary, and I have some doubts regarding the agility of the saxophones and clarinets and keeping up with the strings as I would prefer not to lose the spiccato "bounciness" overall. What would you suggest for this piece? 

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