String Quartet Number 1

Exploratory post just to see whether this gets to the forum and works. Below  - I hope - is a link to my youtube score video for a string quartet (with percussion) that I wrote last year. Written using 'musescore' so the  instruments don't sound that great, although maybe better with headphones. I'd be interested in any constructive thoughts. My youtube channels also has a couple of my symphonies and some demo pop/rock albums.

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  • I made a start but reading the score was difficult as I can't easily zoom in. By using the standard windows zoom it blurrs out the percussion lines. Is there any chance of posting the score as a standalone file here? The interplay of the various instruments with, as you say, musescore sounds not being the best there is, doesn't help by defining the various entries better. For instance, stereo imaging would have helped there. It doesn't serve solo ensembles too well and could be that Musescore 4 just out might do better. (I haven't heard it with soloists yet.

    I liked the phrygian harmony. Unfortnately I can't see the bar numbers to quote points I noticed. Musescore doesn't help with the detailed dynamics but I could see what you were getting at in the relevant passages.  There was a point where Violin 1 played triple stops. Fine, but they'd have to be 'arpeggiated' which Musescore doesn't reproduce.

    I generally felt that in the 7 minutes I listened to, it felt like the piece was dwelling in the same underlying tonality. It started to pall a little - but this was also down to the limitations of Musescore. I'll try to listen to more of it later but a score really would be appreciated. 

  • I just wanted really to echo something of Dane's comment that I wonder if you've yet installed MuseScore4 as the playback of string quartets, although still having numerous issues -- is much better and can be really expressive in places. I felt the audio in its current state makes it rather difficult to fully enjoy the music. I'm not at all sure about including percussion in a string quartet -- but there is at least one example in the repertoire, The Pavel Haas "From the Monkey Mountains" where one version I've heard in concert includes this quite effectively.

    I'd tend to also echo the request for a standard .pdf for the score or something so it can be more easily read.

  • Hello there,

    Thanks for those very helpful comments. I'm certainly aware that the score is a bit blurred and the instrument sounds are not great so I'll  take your thoughts on board and repost. 


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