My third string quartet.  An adagio in G, it should play at 60bpm.  For some reason changing the setting in MuseScore didn't change it in the midi, so I had to change the playback speed in the A/V controls for QuickTimePlayer.  Hope it works ok here.  

String Quartet No.3-Adagio in G.mid

String Quartet No.3-Adagio in G.pdf

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  • Well, for some reason it's playing too fast. :(

  • Try right-click on the tempo text and then select Tempo Properties, type the tempo value you want. Or the problem is that you save it as .mid file, the tempo would change.

    You can publish your musescore score online here: musescore sheetmusic. Other can play the score online and download its pdf file. 

    Do you listen to Vivaldi a lot? I somehow feel the influence. 

  • Yes, I do listen to Vivaldi a lot and the whole Baroque era.  I've posted other midi files before after changing the tempo in MuseScore w/o a problem, but for some reason the change didn't follow, if you will, to the midi.  I'll try it again.  It's intended to be much slower. 

  • I would voice the last chord vl1 = 3rd space c, vl2 = second line g, viola = fourth line e on alto clef, cello = low c as you have it. I am missing hearing the third of the chord. In a piece written so solidly in C I want to hear a full C major chord at the end.
  • Thanks Padre.  It does sound better with a full chord at the end, especially with the E.

    String Quartet No.3-Adagio in G.pdf

  • Here's the midi w/ the changed chord.  Still plays way too fast, but hopefully you get the idea.

    String Quartet No.3 - Adagio.mid
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