This is my second string quartet.  The style here is probably way outdated for most, but I like.  Not too complicated, pretty simple, only a minute & a half.  I've been playing the Canzonetta from Mendelssohn's Eb quartet so if it sounds similar that's why.  Maybe it's too similar?

For some reason the midi files don't always play at the speed that I set in MuseScore.  I have another "finished" quartet in adagio time of less than 60 bpm, but the midi doubles it to 120.  (?)  Maybe I'll use this as a movement in a larger piece since it's so short.

String Quartet No.2- Andante in Am.pdf

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  • @Fred - Deleted & re-uploaded the midi file, though it played fine for me here.(?)

    @Bob - Thanks.  I like the piece as is, short as it is.  I might look into using Sibelius.  I don't have a lot of patience for computers and figuring out software and converting and all that crap.  I like things to just work easy with a click and use whatever sound comes with it.

    String Quartet No. 2-Andante in Am.mid
  • @Bob - Yes, I've been playing violin for over 5 years now.  I have over 30 years on guitar.  Picked up banjo & mandolin somewhere along the way.  The violin is the instrument I spend the most time with now and wish I had picked it up years ago.  Strings magazine has an awesome community forum for string players,  It's a ning account very similar to this on, if fact that's where I found Composers Forum.  

    It's always good to know another violin player/luthier to bounce ideas off, though I would not burden this site with specific instrument stuff unless it pertained to composition.  I don't play viola or cello, but I understand their range enough.  I wouldn't write for any instrument that I didn't have at least the basic knowledge of what it and the player is capable of.

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