String Quartet in C major

I've been working on this string quartet for a while now, but I feel like I can't write any more beyond where I've stopped in the fifth movement. Because it's going to stay at this stage for the foreseeable future, I have decided to upload it here. I suppose it is best described as a postmodern parody of Beethoven's late quartets, but make no mistake: it is serious music.

I Allegro.pdf

II Adagio.pdf

III Presto.pdf

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  • IV Allegro moderato.pdf

  • Nate,

    Nice to see you back.

    I've only had a chance to listen to the first mvt. so far, but will get to it all eventually.

    Your writing is wonderful, the rhetoric is cogent and the music is technically excellent and as you can probably guess, I really enjoyed this. You've put this thread in the critique section and to be honest there isn't much to criticise as such.

    I liked the dynamic contrasts, the dramatic pauses and the motivic development, which was searching and provided fruitful outcomes. The quotations made me smile (b137) and the counterpoint was wonderful.

    My only reservation (and this is just a personal issue) was the restless chromaticism - don't get me wrong here, I liked it, but would have liked one or two more stable moments for a longer period. But who cares about that, you have wonderful technical fluency and are justifiably revelling in it to create good music.

    Just one proper criticism on the playback. At b152 slow the tempo to make the mini cadenza a little more convincing.

    BTW a quick glimpse at the other scores has intrigued me, especially the 5th mvts time sig. I'm all for mixing up techniques 100's of years apart and look forward to hearing the time imperfect / prolation perfect music.


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