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This work has some great moments and is incredibly inventive. I do like your  harmonic sense and lyricism.

I'm sure this would sound even more effective with real players imparting emotion to the lines and some of the busy, intricate accompaniment figures sound idiomatic and could work well. The approach to the string writing has a touch of Ravel about it in places.

Really good stuff, any chance you could get it recorded live and any chance you could post the score for us?


Those are some really nice remarks, Mike. Thank you.

Getting real live musicians to perform my music is what I'm working for, here. I don't think a piece is really complete until it's been interpreted by other artists. (I have a scheme in mind for accomplishing that. Dunno if it will work, but it's on my agenda). 

I have yet to tackle a score and sheet music for the 3rd movement. I had posted the first 2 movements earlier, but they were riddled with mistakes. Now, I can't seem to find any of these scores on my hard drive. They will have to be re-created.

(The 2nd movement was my opportunity to get my inner Ravel out of my system. For me, the Ravel is the gold standard of String Quartets. I appreciate his genius even more after trying to emulate his style).

Mike, I think I can mock up scores for the 3 movements in a couple of days. They will probably lack much in the way of pauses, dynamics or tempos, but the notes will all be there. Would that suffice?

Don't sweat it on my behalf Art. I enjoyed the music, the playback is a terrible hindrance to your expression, which is a fine one imo, so I hope you can get a live performance and more importantly a recording.

MIDI has its limitations, for sure. Maybe if I just wrote rock tunes.

So far, either my music isn't good enough to attract the right ears, or I haven't found the marketing magic to attract the right attention.


     I thought you did just write rock tunes.  This is really nice.  Playful, wonderful harmonies and flowing melodies, just the right amount of dissonance.  I usually find string quartets somewhat  strange or boring.  This is fun.  I enjoyed the section at 7 min.  My one complaint of most all string quartets is the fragmentary nature.  Why not continue that section at  7 min.  another minute, stay with a theme for a longer period.  Love the chords at  11 min. This is a medley of good ideas that could be developed further for each section.  Great ending to the second section and intro to the third.  The last third is the strongest.  Really liked the piz. section at 21 min.  You should stay with that for another minute.  The ending is too fragmented. Stay with one idea and end with a bang.  Great work.

Oh, no. I've been concentrating on Classical for the last few years.

For my taste, it's best not to linger on a passage when a transition is calling, but that's just me. Like you, I have always found chamber music a little  boring. It's really tough to find ways to extend a mood when you have a limited pallet of instruments that are all within the same tonal family. It's like trying to paint a picture using just three shades of the same color. Still, Ravel's Quartet certainly never bored me. I don't have anything like his imagination.

The passage at 7 minutes was a recap of the passage from 3:15 with a slightly different twist. The passage at 11 minutes was, I thought, a little weak. The melody is kinda lame, and I didn't think of any reason that it should go further. It was mostly a sample of some Ravelian chord progressions in a light and breezy tone. (The 2nd movement was my chance to work my inner-Ravel out of my system).

I'm so pleased to know that this piece was pleasing to a few people. Thanks for the nice comments.

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