String Quartet



Hi All,


Just looking for some feedback/suggestions for the slow movement of a String Quartet.


Any thoughts would be much appreciated, feel free to check out the other videos on my youtube page as well.


Many Thanks,


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  • I have no interesting suggestions to make, but thinks the voice leading is "melodic" in the sense that all parts coexist in a focused manner, as a melody is a focused lenghtier phrase. And that is good craftmanship!

    But, I experienced it to be too lengthy for the material presented. A transition to a melodic or a different polyphonic texture could perhaps be an idea.

    Good job.

  • Hi Joe!

    I liked its "limited infinity" feel.

    For me it has too constant density: no changes and what is important, almost no rest for the ear (some pauses or rhythm changes).

  • Hi Guys!

    Thank you all for the kind words, I genuinely appreciate all of them.

    Michael - There are melodies in there, Il admit they are not too obvious in the A section but the cello takes the melodic line in the B section and this is varied throughout the rest of the piece

    Per & Alch - This is a recurring theme in a lot of feedback is my tendency to have the harmonic density fairly thick all the way through a piece, I shall address this in later ones.

    Once again, thanks for the feedback.



    P.s Alch, I think you commented on an earlier post of mine (my violin concerto one I believe) with a link to an article you had written about making sampled sounds sound more realistic but the comment was deleted shortly after. Any chance you could send the link again? I only saw it on my phone and didn't get a chance to finish it. Many Thanks

  • what do you mean by deleted?

    have it

This reply was deleted.