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I've been toying with the theme of this piece for a few years now.  It's a version of the Hebrew hymn/prayer "Ani Ma'amin".  There's just something about it that appealed to me.  While working on something else, I was brought back to it and ended up with this.

At this point I don't feel it's done, but not sure where to go with it.  Possibly inserting a second theme or further develop this one?

Any ideas?



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I like this piece for it's simplicity. I think the length is right.

The dynamics have been compressed I think so not much difference between pp and f

On thing missing is the phrasing (Think of every note being accented). MIDI will sound a lot smoother than real playing and good phrasing will lift the piece.

For example viola in m32. I would slur the quavers in pairs, emphasises the first note.

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