• Hi Olivér,

    Can you give us a little description of this piece or how you came to compose it? It may help you get comments on it if we have that background.

    Best -
  • It's about a planet in the cold space. This is the whole story. :D 

  • Thanks MM Coston, I like the femle vocal. :) 

    MM Coston said:

    Hi Oliver. This is interesting and thanks for sharing. The rhythms are great. There is ample variation which helps keep it interesting. It only briefly loses interest for me shortly before 2:00 but then picks up again. I particularly like the dramatic change at 1:09 and am amazed it works so well. I definitely appreciate how the music woven into the background harkens back to classical music and could be a bit more prominent for my tastes. But my favorite part is the dark melodic theme at the beginning and end. The only thing that was off putting to me was the high vocals. But that was overused in the early days of techno and has never sounded good to me.
    Strange Planet
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