• There is NO spoiler here, nor is one necessary.   I haven't even talked to anyone who has seen the film.  At "Rotten Tomatoes," the Star Wars VII film has received a


    93% rating,


    which is higher than all but the first two films Lucas made in the Star Wars franchise.  93% of the critics (out of 331) rated the movie positively.   On a scale of 1 to 10, the average rating was 8.2.


    Compare that with "The Phantom Menace," the so-called "Star Wars I" film (which was really the fourth one made, I think).

    Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)

    Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman

    Almost half the reviews were negative, and on a scale from 1 to 10 it only received a 6.  So, objectively speaking, the STAR WARS SEVEN must be fairly good.

    I haven't seen it, or read a plot summary, so I am not giving you a subjective evaluation.   But objectively, it's probably the best out of all the Star Wars films, except for the original and the second film, "The Empire Strikes Back."  Personally, I do not consider myself a "Star Wars" fan, though I have seen every film so far, except for this new one, and I like good science fiction and fantasy generally.   This new "Star Wars VII" is, sequentially, a follow up to the "Return of the Jedi," which I think was the very worst of all the Star Wars films (and probably one of the very worst SciFi/Fantasy films) I have had the displeasure of seeing.  I just hope there are no Ewoks or anything remotely like that in the new motion picture.   Why they would bring Mark Hamil or Carrie Fisher back, I have no idea.   But J. J. Abrams often does extremely well, and for those who like his work, perhaps there is something of merit here.  The music is by John Williams, and if you like that sort of thing, it may be another plus.   But I haven't heard the score yet either.


    Music from Star Wars Seven:



    Oh.  I just heard it.  Sounds largely like a reformulated version, or versions of music from the previous films.     Same main theme, just varied, mostly, over and over.   I prefer the score to Bruckner's Fifth Symphony.  ...   Currently, I am stranded on the Ice Planet Hoth, and movie theaters here haven't even shown Star Wars Seven yet.   It's not expected to arrive on this planet for several months.  (Local authorities have not allowed the film to be shown, until the John Williams score is stripped out and replaced by music written by a Hothian composer).   I am looking forward to seeing the film, though.

  • Thanks oo and William.

    OO watch it! Only oo can write a page on something he hasn't seen lol (just ribbing u oo...)...But re the ratings - yes Ive seen them and im flabbergasted that its rated so highly!

    Yes rehash galore ...I found it entirely underwhelming and was severely disappointed!! And well put - no creativity re plot and to add to that (almost) no creativity full stop! Besides that there are so many elements of pure luck in the plot and also so many things in the plot that barely make sense.... Maybe GL was losing his touch a bit with I-III but at least they all have some good parts (especially III) , VII almost void of "substance" at all....and the twin conclusions of blowing up the death star thing (what an underwhelming death star) and finding Luke!!! Borrring!!! agggh!! lol

  • wow im impressed William! Lazy is a good word to summarise the plot and other aspects. To me it seems the plot and the characters were decided by a committee in a meeting chaired by JJAbrams...... so weak....

    William Hu said:

    In my opinion everything was handled clumsily. R2-D2 having the important part of the map and just deciding to sleep for a while? That was just lazy writing to solve the partial map problem, which in turn was lazy writing to extend that plot point (every single film that uses a 'find the puzzle pieces of the map!' plot point has invariably sucked).
    There are a few small things that really annoyed me as well. Han Solo dies with only Ray, Finn, and Chewbacca watching. So how come it then cuts to Leia looking so upset? Psychic love link doesn't really cut it as an explanation.
    Character motivations are all over the place as well. The only character that had any character was Han Solo, and even he was edging the 2-dimensional. Ray and Finn were walking boxes with 'progressive cardboard protagonist' pasted over them. The only words that come to mind when describing them are 'brave', 'dark past', etc. standard story fare.
    I feel like the plot and characters of this film were purely for the purpose of somewhat coherently stringing together action scenes with pretty lights flying around (which became boring about 20 minutes through the movie).
    Ugh, sorry for the rant. I just disliked the film a lot.
    Star Wars 7
    Are there any Star Wars fans here and does anyone besides me think Star Wars 7 sucked?
  • "I've learnt long ago not to trust critic reviews. Critics operate upon the bandwagon principle because they WANT to look like a good critic."

    I am not saying anyone should "trust" critic reviews individually.  However, if hundreds of critics rate a film 9.5 on a scale of 1 to 10, that film is probably going to better than a film rated 1.5 on the same scale.  That's the case here, more or less. I would imagine.

    Reading film reviews can be useful, because you can tell by what the critic liked and didn't like, whether YOU WOULD like it.

    For instance, when a critic says, "this film was too philosophical," I know that I am far more likely to enjoy it.  When a critic says, "this film didn't have enough 'action'," or the plot was "too complicated," I see that as praise rather than criticism.

    The Movie "Interstellar" was condemned by some for being both "too philosophical" and "too complicated."  I thought it was one of the very best sci fi films since  2001:  A Space Odyssey.

    "The Martian" was praised and got good reviews, for various reasons.   But I didn't care for it all that much.  To me it was hardly science fiction at all.  Just a "survival story." or Robinson Crusoe off world.  Someone had already done a film decades ago, literally entitled "Robinson Crusoe on Mars," and this new take was hardly much better than that old flic.   It may as well have happened in the Amazon, the Sahara desert or some remote Island.

    But each person has to decide the value of reviews on their own.  

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