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Hello Everyone,

I'm new here, and I live in Sydney Australia.

I'm thinking of buying the StaffPad app. Is anyone here using it? If so, what are your thoughts?

I intend to use it primarily for writing my piano music. I also write orchestral music, but think Sibelius or Finale would be better, based on what I've seen. Any thoughts?

I'm already finding the site very useful, so thank you to the people who started it.



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Hello and welcome! Here's some more information and someone's first impression of the staff pad. I wish I could do that on my desk top! I am a finale user by the way.

Thanks Rodney.

I've been using StaffPad for about a week now, and my first impression it is frustrating to enter notes of the stave as you have to learn a different way to write as opposed to writing on paper. I've seen videos and they make it look so easy, but I'm struggling with it now. Hopefully I will get better at understanding it.

There is a lot of very smart technology built into this product. For instance, when writing a piece of Jazz, all you have to do is write Swing in the tempo area and it swings it for you. Same for all tempo or style markings, just by writing in Presto or Grave, it changes the tempo.

It saves a version of your file/score every time you close out. Which is good and bad. While I have dozens of versions, it saves you from completely losing a file. It's ability to instantly create an MP3 or PDF is very handy, and then you can easily share these.

Being able to write a piece down and instantly hear it back helps with my writing skills. But what it also shows you is just how tricky writing music down is compared to what you play. 

As it is about $60.00 USD, it's a fair bargain.

I bought a Surface Pad Pro 4 to use StaffPad on, and with all the new capabilities of the Pro 4 and the new pen, it makes so many things quicker and smarter. Like having the eraser on the end of the pen, which is also multi functional.

Once I learn this program better, and as updates flow on, I can see it being perhaps the only notation software I will need. But I'd hate to write and orchestral score on it now, until I know it better.

I've attached part of something I'm working on.


Hi Bob,

Here's a prelude for strings which came with the program as a sample. Can't say the sound quality does much for me.




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