• I've heard your pieces and had a quick look at the scores.

    These are a few first impressions:

    Very well edited and produced scores with plenty of expression, dynamics and bowing provided.

    These are a few things that every one should provide for a string quartet score, but unfortunately some people don’t sometimes.

    Good idea also to give individual parts after the score for printing out, so that if there is a group of appropriate players can have a go at it.

    I like both pieces! On the structural side I thought that "Winter" was in ABA + coda form. I like the repetitions and the coloring. The mood was somehow Balkan to my ear. It was good fun to hear.

    Obviously you have a very good command of bowed strings and you know what is possible and effective for the three (four) instruments involved.

    This movement "Spring" also has a nice mood about it and seems to be in a continus variation- development form with the melodic interest shared between all instruments and variations being 1 minute long roughly.

    Nice sense of harmony also transforming, implying tonality changes and developing along the path to suite melodic ideas.

    All in all, I enjoyed much.

    Thanks foe sharing.

  • Hello, Paul!

    I've been waiting for more, and again, this is incredible!

    I've been to your site, but still there isn't much information about you. Could you tell us something more about yourself here, or at your profile? I've seen that you have two albums with string quartet's. Are you really "entirely self taught as a composer", or have you finished music high school? Are you a violinist?  When did you start composing? How much time did you spend on composing your quartets? And how it happend that you were observed and you actually have your own albums?
    I am really curious about all of that! 

    Your fan,

  • Hi Jakob. Yes self taught as a composer. Taught by listening to the greats and looking at scores. I did music at high school but despite giving a few opportunites to perform pieces, it didn't teach me any composition per se. I do play the violin , but not well. I actually took it up so I could write for strings better. That was about 7 years ago now. Piano is my main instrument, but I'm not very trained and certainly not accomplished! I started composing when I started playing piano when I was in year 8. I kept up lessons for a year then quit - but kept on composing and have done so ever since, though on and off over the years. I spend ages on my pieces. How long? its hard to say because I do little bits here and there during the week, rarely for long periods, and work on several movements at once. Adding it all up per movement is difficult to estimate, but some of the more difficult ones would be in excess of 30 hours total id say.

  • Thank you for your reply. I am very impressed. You've really got talent. Keep it up! 

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