Last weekend I was watching a motocross race on the tube, and was inspired by the music they kept repeating throughout.  So, I put together this sport rock piece in a couple hours this afternoon.  It's only 30 seconds long, but It could be looped where needed.  Any suggestions, as I haven't really attempted this exact genre before.  The piece is titled "Sport Rock 1."






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  • Ha!


    You hit the genre on the head.  Ouch says the genre.


    I would add a screaming guitar lead over top, bring the drums down in the mix, and do something about that snare sound though, it sounds more like a wood block than a snare.  Plus that "chikka-chikka" shaker rhythm in the first part seems uncharacteristic, more disco rock than sport rock.

  • Thanks Tombo!  I know what you mean about the chikka chikka sound.  It seemed to tighten  up the beat, esp. at the end of phrases.  I'll check out the snare too.  It's Superior Drummer Metal snare, probably a metal one.    I was going for a driving, rock feel without much reverb to hear the little silent slices between the beats.  Your feedback is much appreciated.
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