Splitsound Suite

Hi everyone, stayed up very late last night writing this. Interesting metre, hope you enjoy. :) Splitsound Suite I - Play Splitsound Suite II & III - Play Splitsound Suite IV & V - Play Its scored for Piano, Strings and Percussion Section. All comments welcome. :)

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  • Splitsound Suite I I love the intro. the rhythmic motif you use is fun. I also enjoy the textures that kinda fade in and out. its kinda like sailing down a river or moving through a normally crowded street early in the morning and seeing things moving past you.

    the pizzicato strings really set off the "walking" feel.

    I cant really think of anything to tell you that you could do to it musically, technically, or anyotherly.

    Splitsound Suite II and III I like the moving percussive sounds in this part. it is more of a percussive rhythmic variation than melodic variation which is fun. I keep wanting to see this playing over a film of some sort.

    after hearing both parts all I really think it could use is perhaps a bit stronger melody. perhaps not in the whole but at least in part. perhaps a solo line weaving in and out on top of what you composed . It would be very easy to make such a line to much though. all 'n all I enjoyed listening to this.
    • Hi Mike, very kind of you to respond in such detail - thank you. I like the imagery you described - I like to think of it more as "trudging" than walking. :)

      Its interesting you mention the addition of a melody - I have an idea for a operatic style baritone line over the top so maybe its something I might explore...
  • EDIT: Final 2 movements added.

    Splitsound Suite IV & V - Play
  • ohhh I enjoy the added melody the little hints of it at least from the vibes and how you have taken that motif and rework it subtly around the score.
    for a second there I thought I heard woodwinds but it was the strings.. I like how your trudging through streets has become a bit busier like the more traffic is coming out.

    I really enjoy this unique composition
    • Oh, you have 2 more movements. Cool! The 4th adds a bit of variety which is nice. It's still set in the same rhythmic frame but with different textures and some melodies. It's cool!

      Like Mike said, it's like walking along endlessly with the scene changing.
  • Thank you very much for your comments Emmanuelle - I notice you recently posted a clarinet piece which I will listen to and get back to you!

  • The score for parts IV & V is now available to view at my website under the April tab.
  • Hi Ray, yes been a bit out the loop. Its been hard to find time to compose over the past 6-12 months! I hope this finds you well!



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