Spirits - new composition

Hi there, I thought about composing a piece based on only 2 themes. I'm still figuring out some things to change as well ass making the virtual performance more realistic with (still working on it).

But for now I'd like to be given some feedback and why not also some tips.

Thank you, Daniel M.



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  • Impressive piece Daniel. Both themes are great and very well contrasted. Its very exciting to listen to - a very effective piece. The only suggestion I have is to extend the ending a bit more. Draw it out and expand the big chordal theme more to bring it to an even more heightened and satisfying conclusion. Possibly the chord sequence Eb maj,Bbmaj,gmin, dmin (all in root position ,like your Eb and Bb) would work well with the grand feel of your theme.

  • You have some pretty nice things going on... though if you have a score it would help in giving more specific feedback.  I liked the way the 2nd theme comes in with full grandeur. Very good contrast with the lightly-scored 1st theme.

    It sounded like the piece is unfinished? You seem to have good material for development; it would be a pity to stop here.

    I found certain passages a bit on the repetitive side (again, a score would be helpful for indicating where they are), but I liked the overall arc.

    One thing I felt was that certain grand passages sounded a bit weak because the middle register wasn't filled in. Generally, for grandiose tutti passages it's a good idea to fill in the harmony in the middle register (around middle C) to give it a fuller, richer sound. Deliberately leaving out the middle register (or scoring it only thinly) can also be a good way to make a passage sound "hollow", when a particular passage calls for it.

    Looking forward to see where you go with this.

  • Hello, sorry I had no time to reply.....I really appreciate your feedback and your advice ! 

    @Paul Halley: I'll try to use your chords in the choral ! Thank you

    @H.S. Teoh: Yes I have a score, I'll upload it. yeah the piece isn't quite finished yet. For the rest, I'll try to add some instruments to make the melody sound fuller.

  • yes you are right, I also thought about putting the A section at the end of the piece 

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