Spirit Goat

This was a composition I did on the classical guitar. I also sampled the sounds of drumming on the table, blowing over the opening of an empty bottle, and dropping a bottle cap. Everything was integrated in GarageBand. I had fun doing this and made a video for Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkVD5K_da58). I'd like to know if the piece flows well. It's my first full composition, so I'd love all feedback. Thank you.

spirit goat.mp3

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  • haha love the goat sound at the end of the piece. I'm guessing it's due to the fact that you have the song title and the images of Baphomet in the video, but the images you have work.

    Musically I think the piece fits wonderfully together, the sampled percussion is quite nice. The hammering-on and pulling-offs really shine, and when you jump in key at around the 33 mark, it's quite nice. I think your bassline needs some work though, it starts to stand out the most and since it hardly ever changes It kind of gets a bit boring. You have such a strong lead but the weak bassline kind of takes away from it.

    Also I must say, I wish it was longer and I'm really splitting hairs here, but recorded better.

    Cool stuff!
    • Again, thank you for the input!

      The reason for the poor recording quality was because I was lazy and used Garageband instead of ProTools for the recording aspects, which was very stupid of me.

      To be honest, the goat noise came totally out of the blue, as did the inspiration for the piece itself. The images came way later.

      I agree wholeheartedly that the bassline is boring. I just wanted something that would not detract from the melody, but I got carried away...

      Again, I think I will redo it, as it had better potential.
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