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Hello Colleagues,

I'm going through my catalog of old compositions and whipping them into shape for publishing. This is one I composed a few years back and went through major revisions on in 2018. I've been working on my endings, trying to make them more climactic, and this is one I did that for. I like music from the spy movies, and think it's a whole subcategory of jazz. Like a lot of spy movie themes, this one includes various material highlighting different moods, including action, romance, suspense and the like. Score embedded in the YouTube, and as always, comments invited >

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Very cute, Gav. I especially liked the change of harmony around ms. 39-40. That was really nice, and provided good contrast, or relief, from the more driving nature of the piece in general. 

Spy music was indeed pretty cool. Peter Gunn of course is the standard (Slaughter On Tenth Avenue?). I also liked the theme from Perry Mason. not exactly spy music, but close enough.

Yeah this is great, wonder what it would sound like with a full Big Band? I also really like the 39-40 transition...!

Thanks Michael,

Yes, Peter Gunn was great! Mancini I believe, who could teach everyone how to write good music of this type. Of course John Barry (You Only Live Twice and others) was another exemplar. The 39-40 transition was intended to glide away from / provide relief from the main driving rhythm, glad to see it worked as intended. Thanks for comments!

Thanks Claude, 

I too would like to see it on a big band. I've come to really appreciate Swing lately and find myself composing a few things in that style. Thanks also for your comments!



Love it. Please see my PM to you.

Thanks Stephen! I replied!

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