• Hey James,

    If there is any thing that Star Trek, Star Wars, and many other space shows have taught us, it is that outer space music must involve military drums and majestic sounding melodic themes that feature unexpected chord changes.  In other words, you have now successfully made a piece of space music!  And it is very much a cliche.  But as you wrote, it is "in the style of" so I'll give it a pass.  I wouldn't call your chord changes modulations, the key remains the same throughout, but that's a quibble.  The chord changes sound just fine to me.  One thing that doesn't seem to fit is the tritone that comes in when the main theme repeats.  I think you were going for that E.T., Simpsons, mystery tri-tone sound there but it doesn't quite fit for some reason...maybe because, as a subsidiary harmonic color, it is just a bit too loud?  That's just a guess as to why it doesn't quite sound right.  

    Anyways, you achieved your main goal of having strange chord changes that sound natural, so good job with that.

  • I liked it. It's a fun sounding piece. I imagine it going very well with a kid's science fiction cartoon. The main theme is catchy, and I like the tongue-in-cheek harmonies.

    I get the impression that you're aiming for good sound, i.e. your deliverable is the sound file (e.g. mp3) rather than a score for an orchestra to play off of. If that's the case, I suggest it would sound better with more purely synthesized sounds rather than sampled sounds (I'm not a big fan of sampled sounds). Theremin-type leads would work well in this piece.

  • Haha thanks guys, you're right of course. Dynamics is one of my problems in general. I just like things going ten to the dozen and it's hard to quieten down! Point taken :) It is only a minute fourteen though, there's room for a quiet section x

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