Hello composers,

I would like to share something I was working on - music for creators platform introduction video in the link bellow: www.creatstep.com


To listen to the music only: https://soundcloud.com/saskinas/creatstep

The platform itself is about to connect creators from different fields(“The Arts” - film, theatre, music, writing, visual arts, dance, crafts, etc. “Technology” - inventions, programming, games/apps/VST developing, etc., “Business” and “Education” focused on the arts and technology fields). It is created for international collaborations between many of creative industries people.

The difference from the other networks - it is very private, you’ll choose your interests and attach different professions to every single interest - as example if you join as a composer for film and choose the interest “collaboration” attaching film director to it, you’ll only see these film directors who’re looking for film composers for “collaboration”. No one are able to see anyone who is not matching their interests from the both sides.

It is made for both sides of creators - from experienced professionals to beginners and students, clients to make collaborations extra easy.

Platform is launching on July 1st.

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  • Hi Artūras,

    Do you have some music you've composed that you will be sharing with us?


  • Hi Gav,

    Yes, there is some music on my soundclound profile: https://soundcloud.com/saskinas

    Gav Brown said:

    Hi Artūras,

    Do you have some music you've composed that you will be sharing with us?


  • Great Artūras,

    Just put a separate post when you have a piece you'd like to share with us. It's best to just put up one piece in a post. If you can give us a little detail about what it's about, that can be helpful, and a PDF is nice if you have one. 


  • the link isnt working but your music is freaking epic! I love that piece. It took my imagination

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