• I liked this: translucent and ethereal. The very thin textured instruments in the background only add to that.

    However, I was just slightly disappointed that the orchestra came fuller at the end. I'd closed my eyes by then expecting it just to fade out. However, that's just my reaction. Like the picture it had an impressionist veil to it. Altogether nice. 

  • Thank you Dane!


    I think that the orchestra fading out could work very well too as you pointed out. 

    Glad you liked the painting as well!





  • Hi Saul,

    I would say a damn good soundscape, but that would be a little unrespectful. It's a most relaxing piece, with a brilliant and distinct piano (which you played yourself and that adds a lot of liveliness to the piece).

    Well done, a pleasure to listen to!


    • Thank you Jos for your kind comments!





  • Saul, This is the first piece of music I heard on Composers Forum, and it is one of the reasons I joined. I have been looking for a community of composers I could share ideas with and if this is a sample of what is here I think I found the right place. Thanks for such a great piece of music.

    Addendum: After writing the above comment I listened to this again for the third time. It is even better than I remember.  Thanks!!

    • Dear Leslie,

      I can't think of a better compliment any musician can receive.

      I thank you very much and glad you enjoyed my music.


      Beat Wishes,



  • Hey Saul! Thanks for sharing this. This is definitaly a beautyful piece of music. I had to listen to it several times because it`s so good. Nicely built in the beginning to the end :) 

    • Thank you Simo!


      Glad you liked it!


      Best Wishes,



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