• Lovely piece!  I liked the consistency of the theme, yet with a few unexpected turns.  And nicely played!


    • Thank you Emily, glad you liked it!





  • although your style is about 200 years out of date, I nevertheless enjoy nearly all your piano works including this one. Not only do they have charm but there is always, as Emily says, one or two unexpected twists and turns which means these works never get boring, especially as they are kept fairly sort. The fact you're a decent pianist certainly helps as well!

    • Thank you for your kind words David!

  • Another elegant and accessible piece, and it's fine if it's old fashioned. It's time we had more old fashioned pieces.  In art, the people who keep doing something modern long enough become traditional, at which point the people who have been doing something traditional long enough become modern.

    • wise words! My own style is about 100 years out of date as well.


    • Thank you Jon,

      I really like this style for self epression, I find it to be the most fitting for the music that I like to compose.





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