It has been several weeks that I'm composing this collection of Songs without Words. I have also composed several Songs without words a few years ago and didn't post all of them on this forum as of yet.

I will post the earlier Songs Without Words gradually later on, but first this is my latest Song in E major.


Hope you find it enjoyable,


Best of Wishes,




Song Without Words In E major




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  • I like this. It is unfortunate that you are somehow handicapped by midi editing. I have the same problem since my hands have taken on a will of their own. We're not on speaking terms anymore. I usually let a midi rest for a few weeks before changing things. Mostly the tempo, like ritenutos, and velocity.

    How long do you work on a midi like this?

    • Hi Rowy, glad you liked the music.

      Well I believe that the editing of the piece through midi especially things like tempo, sound quality and velocity is an artform by itself, and I wouldn't characterize it as a handicap but an essential part for those who understand what they are doing and have a vision on how the piece should sound. You will be surprised how much effect can be achieved by knowing where and how and when to add or remove these editing tools to the piece, not only they can enhance the piece, they actually can make the piece become the best version of itself, even to the extent of sounding like a different piece altogether. At times one may compose a piece especially for the purpose of having a certain tempo in mind and not for the tempo that it is composed at the moment, you will discover that the piece takes a new meaning and an entirely new sound when the correct envisioned tempo is attached to the piece. So while you might think that tempo editing is only for the sole purpose of recording a piece at a certain speed because you either don't have the technical ability as you once had, or simply don't have the time to practice the piece for recording at that tempo, even though these are valid reasons that one may choose to do that, still there is way more to these editing tools, than just simple technicality and convenience, there is an entire artform of how to build and capture the end result of a composition through these various editing capabilities.







  • I'ts an enjoyable piece. The transition between themes is understandable and it ends with an agreeable closing gesture. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Sam!





  • It's very beautiful. My favorite part is where harmony turns interesting: 0:18 to 0:49

    • Thank you Havier!

  • Saul, I must say that your other pieces I liked more than these 2 recent ones ...

    • Hi Gerd, that's entirely understandable, thanks for listening and commenting.


      Best Wishes,



  • Finally got around to this.  Very nice and relaxing to listen to!  Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks!

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