• Indeed, like the wonderful Songs without Words by Mendelssohn! Just like those your piece is blossoming in melody and harmonies - like the suiting picture. I love it and can listen to it over and over!!!  Also I was reminded of the most beautiful passage in the first symphony 2nd mov. by Kallinikow: at 16:00


    • an interesting comparison -- I can see a superficial resemblance. Both passages have considerable charm. Actually I like the second symphony of Kallinikov even more (the first movement is wonderfully stirring and was in fact among the first symphonies I ever got to know) and don't understand why that seems to be particularly ignored.


    • Thank you Gerd for your kind words, Glad you liked this piece.

      I must say that I have never heard of this composer before, and never listened to his music as far as I know.

      I listened to the section on the 16th minute mark where you said that you heard a similarity with my music. I had to listen several times to try to make the connection, then I heard something that is reminiscent perhaps or superficially resembling as David has noted, maybe even less than to my ear. Said all that, the symphony by Kalinnikov is indeed gorgeous and thanks to bringing it to my attention.


      Pablo Piccaso said that he had never given titles to his art, suggesting art should speak by itself.

      I think that this is just about the idea behind Songs Without Words by Mendelssohn. Mendelssohn himself resisted attempts to interpret the songs too literally, and objected when his friend Marc-André Souchay sought to put words to them to make them literal "What the music I love expresses to me, is not thought too indefinite to put into words, but on the contrary, too definite".


      Best of Wishes,



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