• Hi Saul. This is a very moving piece. It's a blend between calm and sad voices coming from the piano keys. A delicate texture is soaring with a whisper, telling a story that can be interpreted differently. The main theme comes back every now and then, in its different forms and register. If you listen with your eyes closed, you'd probably find a secret that it's trying to tell you. But what is it? Its when the interpretation comes in.


    • Thank you Sam for your kind and thoughtful comments!





  • Hi Saul,

    Beautiful piano recording.  Very soothing and relaxing, yet it keeps you on your toes as the melodies are shifting.

    Lovely music though, I truly enjoy this piece.

    Thanks for sharing with us.


    • Thank you Rene!


      Glad you enjoyed it,


      Bet Wishes,



  • Beautiful piece. Love how the song can feel both relaxing and sad at the same time. To me, this song feels like Autumn. That is what I picture when I listen. Your playing is so magnetic and keeps the listener drawn in!

    • Layne,

      I really appreciate your comments,


      Glad you liked the piece.


      Thanks and Best Wishes,



  • It's very soothing and hints of eastern influences in diminished and augmented intervals and half-tones as accents through melodic progressions.

    • Thanks Nick,


      Yes I agree that it has elements of an ethnic style to it.





  • you seem to produce piano works in an early romantic idiom which are beautifully played and pleasant to listen to at regular intervals. Some sound more individual than others and this is one of the best I've heard with enough modulations and surprises to create a genuinely touching atmosphere. Well done!

    • Thanks David!

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