Song for the movie

Hey guys,
we've been working on this one for the past few months now.
Today all the studio work has been finished, mixing and mastering is finally done.

I would like to get some feedback from you guys. Feel free to write your comments.

We're curious!

mastering immortalitas.wma

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  • Instant thought is Alter Bridge mixed with a bit of Nightwish so nice one with that. My main point of criticism would be the singer doesn't seem to be able to coup with the high notes he keeps trying for. His voice sounds really tight but I would imagine that would be easily rectified with a few hours with a singing teacher just to teach him to loosen up a little. The other small point is the ending seems to last too long, is it meant to lead into another track on an album? You have what sounds like a last chord ringing on then some other reversed stuff in the background which makes me think its about to go on and do something else. Thats very much an aesthetic choice though, if you like the ending sweet!
  • Hey Matthew, yeah you're probably right.
    I'm kind of person who likes to make everything picture perfect (or at least to go after it).
    And this doesn't seem to be good at all. It just doesn't sound as professional as I anticipated.

    Vocals could be much better, there's no doubt. But what you hear is a young guy who has kept working like a beaver for last 4 years now.
    The only thing he needs is to get a good male teacher -- and that's not so simple (especially here).

    But I keep telling him to visit anybody and simply to take knowledge of anything he sees good.

    As for the long ending, yes, it has more of the metaphorical sense. The final scene in the movie has got two meanings. One is that everything ends where it began and vice-versa. That's why I added that reversed stuff.

    Anyway, big thanks for your criticism. I appreciate it. Are there any more things you'd like to tell me?

    (I edited the discussion head-line - I deleted the movie's title since I probably shouldn't to publish the song before the movie comes out.)

  • Yea any kind of teacher just to teach him to loosen up a little because what I was hearing doesn't sound like it will be good for his voice in the long run. Apart from that I cant think of anything else, good luck with the rest of the music.
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