Sonata No. 1 for Piano

This is a a pretty straight forward Sonata I wrote this summer for piano. It has your standard sonata form but using set classes instead of a key; namely set classes (016) and (028). I borrowed musical material from this piece and applied it to orchestra Etude I posted a few days back, so you might hear some similarities. 

This piece is still being tinkered with, especially the coda. I am not completely attached to it and am thinking it needs changing or polishing of some kind. I would like to work on getting this performed this fall but I dont want to send anything I am not totally sold on, so comments and constructive criticisms would be greatly appreciated. 

Keep in mind there are also a lot of bad note spelling that I plan on smoothing out after I do all the final music edits. 



Sonata No 1.pdf

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  • really nice left hand stuff.  I like the overall arch of the piece.  Such a modern sound for a classic form.  Why a sonata? I'll admit is a great story-telling device, and a great palette for painting...

    I like the clarification the octaves give at around 2:46....very Ligeti-esque

    Such a break from the form at 3:40ish!  Developmental?  I like the major 7ths (minor 9ths?) at around 4:15...

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