Sonata no. 1

Hi! I'm new here but I've been listening to all of your beautiful works for days now -- it almost made me not want to post mine! I certainly wouldn't call myself a full-fledged "composer" like you all. Well, I mean I do write music, but I really just try to put what I hear in my head on the little MIDI piano roll...I've never even seen anything I've done on a staff or a score, but I've thought about trying to get my hands on AudioScore or something and feeding my stuff in to see what it looks like (do any of those scoring programs really work like that?).


Anyway, I wrote this maybe 5 years ago now and it's the only work I've ever fully completed. Each part took maybe a couple of days, mainly because it's kind of tedious clicking little boxes with a mouse to write down music and I get bored and wander off lol. They started out as separate songs, but then I thought maybe they could go together (which I suppose doesn't automatically make it a sonata, is there something else I should call it?). Should I separate them again? Also, I'm in no way proficient in MIDI so there is a serious lack of dynamics, etc. and I apologize for that.


Any comments or (gentle!) critiques welcome because I think I'd like to work on this stuff a little more consistently and get better at it. I have some music background, but please don't get super technical or anything because some of the things I try to read on here make my head spin!




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  • hey i like your pieces. you asked what you should call them and i'm not sure, but they do sound nice and dark to me- playfully dark in a way. I'm familiar with the word 'sonata' as being an older term that is associated with sonata form. I'm not sure if you followed a specific format, but I don't think it matters if you didn't.

    Do you play the piano? My only critique would be that sometimes it seems the lead and accompaniment part occupy the same range of notes at the same time. My only suggestion would be to take that lead up an octave or more (or move everything up and take the lead down), just to help clarify it's importance to the listener and to make the piece playable for a pianist when that day comes. However, if your intent is to keep it in the same range then please disregard this suggestion.

    lovely music thanks for posting!
  • You could call it a suite. Or piano miniatures.
    You can download finale notepad 2007 here:

    I think it will turn your midi files into notation.
  • Hi, Jeni, I am vlad and I have some expirience in piano-works. "Sonata" it`s something else but you works are corectlly - "suita". Anyway, sound good. Sometime I need the "lead-theme" but can be like now.
    More important is to feel free in harmonicall area - you stay only one tonallity. This stuck you fantasy! Try to explore any hords you want, not only from the begining tonality. To be more claryti I send You my piano work, try to observ haw I work with hords, melodicall lines.
    Don`t stop, if You vont to grow up in composition!
  • This is "...for piano n.1"

    for piano 1 demo.mp3
  • Hello Jeni


    These are good musical ideas. I offer two things that you may like to try to see immediate change:  One, each piece is rendered at the same level, that is, the same volume and touch.  A good teacher told this to me this way -  Music has the soft and loud, it has the short and long.  Second, I would like to hear a lighter touch especially in the counterpoint (a melody composed to be combined with another melody), where syncopation (shifting of a normal musical accent, usually,by stressing the normally unaccented beats) adds interest to the work.  You have both those things in your work which shows good promise, but is diminished (I think) by the constant volume I mentioned earlier.  You can do this, because you have good ideas working already.  Good luck. Show us how you're coming along.  Good stuff there.

    hopefully helpful,

    tony h


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