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Here's the 2nd Mvnt of my Piano Sonata in Bb. Composed when I was younger and still obsessed with Beethoven, so heavily influenced by Ludwig! Hope it soothes your spirit.


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Wow, beautiful!  And indeed, very soothing.  A bit "too" calm for Ludwig, but I certainly do hear elements of him throughout.  One of these days I'd like to hear both the 1st and 2nd movements together, to see how they fit.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks H.S., gonna start working on the 3rd movement now, it's fast and furious, wish me luck!


This is serene and beautiful, very Beethovenian, except (as H.S. says) maybe a little too calm to actually be Ludwig, at least early or middle Ludwig, which periods seem closest to the idiom here.

I look forward to hearing the 3rd movement! :)

Michael, this is really beautiful!! I love it, especially the haunting main theme! And it does not only sound like early Beethoven but breathes also the haunting simplicity of Beethoven's late Bagatelles. Do more like these!!!

This is beautiful. You are  a gifted pianist/composer. I did find it very soothing. How long ago did you make this? 

I hope you can manage to use it in some professional capacity.It deserves exposure. 

Hello Michael,

Congratulations, excellent work! Well done! A marvelous composition. Can’t wait for the “fast and furious” part…:) It feels like Beethoven with traces of Chopin. You are born 200 years too late….:)

Do you write this as effortless as it sounds like?

Thanks for sharing

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