• Hi David,
    This came across to me as pleasant ambient.
  • Yes, nice and relaxing and the quietening/break at 3 '00" seemed about right. My relaxation was a little undone by the part that followed on at 3'11". It felt ominous; baleful at first. A deep thick bass and it sounded like the vocal had been reversed. Presumably that was your intention.

    Nice production and well done.

  • Great use of loops. Nic mix. Loved the piano motif through the 1st 2/3 to about the 3:00 mark. Nice, pleasant, airy. I liked the last part as well where the piano comes back in again.

    To my ears, where this makes a departure at around the 3:00 mark ( great changes in the departure BTW.) it doesn't tie in well to the rest. I would attempt to incorporate the same piano only playing to the departure chords. In this way, it ties in. Otherwise it just sounds too alien from the rest of the music to me. I would make the transition to the departure shorter. The fill is just too empty there and leaves the listener hanging.Then when it comes back in it sounds like all background and no main focus until the very end. 

    I will say that this is much more detailed and structured than most "Ambient" music I hear. Kudos to you for adding a lot of form to this and actually leaving me begging for more. The fact that this goes somewhere makes me think it's more than just ambient music.

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