No this isn't spam or me trying to sell you anything. 

I've been recording for quite awhile and during that time you begin to see what's good and what isn't. During this process I sometimes come across daw plugins that are a bit better than the typical ones included for good prices. They all have my email and I get all of these deals or periodic sales when they come out. I'm simply passing this along to you to do what you will with. If you intended to buy any of these

saving 30-50% might be helpful.

As of 4/18/19 here are a few I just took advantage of . 

IK is having a  sale. One of their offerings during this sale is the Stealth Limiter. If you're curious search "stealth limiter reviews".  It was originally offered at 149.00 US. It is now at 49.00.

If you've previously bought from IK and have amassed a few jam points, they can be applied up to 30% of the price. I just picked up the Stealth Limiter for 35.00 with my jam points.

Here the link- STEALTH LIMITER

The second deal I wanted to mention is the Fabfilter sale. The name Fabfilter is immediately recognized in pro studios the world over. I have been drooling over one of their plugins in particular The Pro Q-3. Arguably at the top of any list as one of the best EQ's ever made. Head and shoulders above just about anything else, especially when compared to anything that came with your daw. 

Fabfilter almost never has a sale. Their plug ins are pricey. So when I seen this I almost crapped myself.

Here's the link- If the sale is over I guess you missed it. 40% discount on the site. More if you buy through this vendor. I haven't seen it for less anywhere else.


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