39.00 through 9/20/20 HERE

Even though I have the Joshua Bell and Taylor Davis I'm considering this. Would work very well on some material.

Weighing in at only around 500mb unless I misread the info. 

There's a baked in 140ms delay which could either work for or against all depending on your use.

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  • Sounds good, can’t argue with the price.

    all solo strings have their strengths and weaknesses I think.

    How are you finding Taylor btw.

  •  Hi Michael,

     I agree. They all have their pros and cons for sure!

    For an ff solo violin this seems a pretty sweet deal. The baked in vibrato is good. The violin itself would sound very good in up front solo legato material. Actually comes across a little more aggressive than the Joshua Bell in my opinion. 

    I only used the Taylor Swift once so far and it is a beautiful instrument! This was mainly for lack of time. In my opinion, it cross pollinates better than the JB to many different  styles of music. This isn't to say it won't hit one out of the park using it for classical music. To me it sounds less sterile as compared to some others. I also think the programming and control of the library is just a little more intuitive. Many people who bought the JB violin are struggling with getting it set up tp play realistically.

    If you tried  and liked Tina Quo cello you will probably fall in love with Taylor Davis. The people at Cinesamples are especially good at programming solo instruments. With the Taylor it didn't take me long to play something right out of the box that sounded both realistic and was a joy to play. Since I often play music in real time as a part of my recording process, I am finding that my audio interface latency works but just barely. I'm looking into getting one with much lower latency in the near future. This would make a huge difference in instrument response.  Hope this helps.

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