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Hi composers! Does anyone want to share some tips and tricks about writing a solo song? I want to make a solo song for some sort of project, and i don't know much about writing the piano part. Voice isn't a problem, but piano makes me a headache... Anyway, if someone know any good tricks for voice, it will be useful too. If anyone have some e book about this topic, please share. Thanks in advance!

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what kind of song?

if it is a classical-ish one you can look on the tons of songs around-I believe schubert had a lot, beethoven has a few in the WoO catalog,  and there are many others for sure. If it is a more contemporary, rock/ballad kind of thing, take a look at piano covers of similar style songs and see if you can reproduce the sound. 

Thanks! It's classical piece.

Thanks all of you! Well, i am writing right now, i solved my problem: i am using strings instead of piano. :)

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