So this is my latest composition,im really glad about the outcome. 

Recorded on a control pad... (DJ keyboard)

What do you guys think? how do you feel about the A major part? does it fit in? its like a whole other composition inside another one i guess? but do you feel it works? Also please comment on my playing,do you feel it gets out of tempo?  

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  • Gabriel, I loved this. For tempo, it's a solo work, so some flexibility is just fine, and adds to the drama. The shift to A major was just fine also, it came at a good time, kindles some additional interest. The piano sound is quite lovely. All in all, an extremely enjoyable listen.

    One thing I would ask is about the back story. The picture on the YouTube is a battlefield, in the aftermath. While I like listening to a piece in its own right, simply as a piece of music, if it's meant to tell a story, be nice to know.
  • When i wrote the composition nothing really came to mind, but later i made an interpretation of it. The theme is waiting, like a worm waiting to become a butterfly, filled with agony, jealous of all the other butterflies.. .. Never knowing when will turn also come, he falls into deep depression, but then suddenly, out of his control it happens, and he is happy, and living like a butterfly, laughing at the other worms, in the end, he becomes old, and with age comes the realization that nothing is in our control, and that even though his appearance changed, inside he stayed ugly like a worm, no matter what you do, death comes for us all, unknowingly, so don't be that worm, saying why don't i have that car? I wish i was pretty as her ect... That guy might get into a battlefield and she might get raped. Life is a battlefield where everyone dies, where your death might come in the next hour, so live accordingly because no one can escape the moment of truth (death).

    But yeah this is too long to add, so i just put that picture, i have another composition with a poem written for it that helps the listener understand my story, maybe one day il manage to assemble a fitting poem for this as well.
  • The opening sentence which is used twice represents the sudden shift of chaos in our life. I might be planning to live my life as a pianist, but i might also lose both my hands in an accident crossing the road. :)
  • So im not planning anymore, i just live as i want to live now, and i don't care for labels. I am who i am and that's great. If i feel good doing what i do i should keep going. Not thinking about ohhh i want to be recognized as a pianist, or ohhh i want to be rich.... Just live.... Yeah.. K il stop my rumbling haha
  • Lol. It's all good. It's always good to hear the thought process. Sometimes I have a story to start with, sometimes not.
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