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Solo Jazz Piano interpretation of "You Must Believe In Spring"

This is my first post here and I am curious as to what the acceptance of Jazz is on this site. The recording that I am posting is my version of "You Must Believe In Spring" by Michel Legrand. My biggest influence in music is Bill Evans. By listening to him and transcribing much of his music I have been able to find a way to be content with the piano (most of the time....).


This recording is somewhat subdued as I only want to "quietly" introduce myself here. Currently, I am working on "Darn That Dream" which is more up tempo and I hope to post soon. I don't have it ready yet. I am also transcribing Bill's harmonies on "You're Gonna Hear From Me"


I do have a website: Only one song is posted there for now ("You mus believe in Spring") I recently started learning how to use some recording equipment and have a way to go before I figure out how to really capture the sound of our piano.


Thanks to anyone for listening.,

Dan Pincus

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Here is the recording....(trying to learn how to navigate the site)
Thanks to Johan Michiels

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