• Very nice.  Simple, but professional sounding, if a bit cliched (nothing wrong with that if you are doing it as a soundtrack).  Agreeing with Dane that it made me think of movies like Cinema Paradiso and Once Upon a Time In America (Morricone soundtracks).  At first I got mental images of a nature setting, but by the end I also felt a sort of city-at-night thing.  I get a "day in the life" feel from it.  Music to add where someone is not in the best situation.  A little sadness and boredom (not that the song is boring, but only that it could be added to show someone longing for something and having to wait or being stuck and unable to make it happen).  

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Douglas, thanks for the warm and kind comment. It's surprising to read about the different images that this one seems to evoke in people's mind.

  •  the upside-down mordents sound cheese.  just leave them out and will be better.  ending sounded too jazzy.  too big of a chord.  leave it as sparse as the rest and will be better.

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