• Kind of Chopinesque, meditative and gently melancholy, in a film could be used for someone walking alone on a beach or looking through an old picture album.

  •  The opening material is really nice. Chopin on one of his more laidback days.

    So at about the 2/3 mark I'm starting to think that a change of key or mood would really be welcome, and indeed you go somewhere, but you never come back. That makes the overall structure a little unbalanced. That sort of excursions are usually rounded out with a return to the main theme.

  • More like Morricone to me of Metello or Sepolta Viva flavour.

    It would be nice as incidental music to a reflective, romantic intrelude in a film, perhaps an inevitable (obligatory) parting that's sad but not bitter.

  •  Hi Alfred,

    A well-done soft pop ballad. Thanks for posting!


  • Hi everyone, thanks for the nice comments and the comparison with Mr Chopin and Mr Morricone which, of course, play in a very different league. It was very interesting to read about the kind of images and sensations that you associate to this piece.

    Victor, thanks for your technical advice, you made a very good point here: it would be nice to go back to the main theme, I definitely need to improve on this.

  • The track will sound better if you tone down the left hand a bit.

    • I agree. I recorded the midi file using the internal sound from my (excellent) digital piano, then some issues forced me to switch to a different vst piano, which has different dynamics. To be fair, there are several things I do not like about this execution, but I had to wrap it up this piece before moving out from my place, where I had my digital piano.

  • Feels like modern understanding of Chopin's Ballade №1 (, but it is very good! 

    Chopin - Ballade no. 1 in G minor Op. 23
    Download and print in PDF or MIDI free sheet music for Ballade No.1, Op.23 by Frédéric Chopin arranged by Psamtik for Piano (Solo)
    • Thanks for commenting. After the comments I decided that I need to start listening to more music from Chopin, and analyze some of his scores too.

      • I don't think you need Chopin. This is film music. Film music is not the same as classical music. Just keep on going.

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