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Could be played on both A and Bflat instruments. The sound file is for an A clarinet. 

I can't write melodies (no need to confirm that LOL. If ever I do they end up as light music which is ok as long as that's the intention) so this is a motif-based, through-composed piece that has some melodic elements - hence trying to write for a solo while exploiting some possibilities for the Clarinet. It's an exercise in a way and I'm not good at exercise (but I do attend Zumba, getting much inspiration from Latin and Caribbean dance forms).

As to the score, should you look at it, it's a direct interpretation of my DAW's midi piano roll editor and is frighteningly literal. Any tiny overlaps in the piano roll appear as ties in the notation. So when you spot a chord, sure the Clarinet can't play chords but editing the actual notes in the notation transfers to the piano roll. I don't want that - too much time to clear up. 

I'm just learning the notation side so please bear with it. Looks like I've been a bit zestful trying to clear things up. One day I'll put in the dynamics and other bits and pieces

Please feel free to criticise ad lib. 


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You’ve definitely got a style. I think I’m getting to the point I can pick out a Dane Aubrun composition in a blind taste test. This eerily reminds me of that scene in “Close Encounters Of the Third Kind” where the humans are carrying on a musical conversation with the mother ship. If Spielberg ever decides to make a sequel (and for the life of me I don’t know why he never has!) he should have you do the score - at least for incidental mood music. I think I read a while back that John Williams has retired from writing film scores.. I could be wrong.

Anyhow, another great piece Dane! I love the dynamics and those trills too. Kind of kept me in a state of anticipation and never delivered an answer which works just fine for me given what it is. You have a unique brain.

Sincere thanks for your comment, Rick. Now you mention it, it was probably that anaconda living in my window box that inspired me...I invited him in for tea and an unwanted neighbour. I get frequent calls from the jungle...they seem to think my mind is a suitable habitat. Seriously, trying to write for a solo instrument is a particular challenge always with a greater hope of getting it played.

It's this incessant drive to write melody or develop motifs into something coherent but tries to break away from the conventional. I used to have a brain but musical education attempted to brainwash me and I fear it went down the sink....

I'll have a listen to your latest postings after I return from Zumba this morning. Got to keep fit!

Thanks again.

Hi Dane -  I enjoyed this, it's obvious you know about clarinets and you have exploited the capabilities of it very well to my ear; and atonality done right is good stuff. 

Now about that score.  First off, your notation software is not doing you any favors.  Any NS will do the overlaps but it should not do the overcrowding thing.  It's pretty much unreadable, but DAWs are just not great at notation so if you really want scores you need to go another direction.

You could save a new version of the project and then correct the overlaps and still have a pristine DAW performance on your original project.  Or you could send me a midi file and we could see what Sibelius would do with this?

Many thanks, Ingo. I wrote this (and another for cello) to force myself into melodic thinking, atonal or not though I'm never far from touches of tonality.. Exercise it might be but it has to end in music. I try...but I have a way to go! 

As for the DAW notation. I'm just learning how to use it. The overcrowding can probably be avoided if only it would allow more flexible formatting of the pdf. Unless I've missed the point it doesn't. The piece was originally roughed out on m/s paper which is far faster than any notation software, then I draw it into the piano roll adjusting as necessary (and don't always get the note-on and -off dead on the grid.. It sounds more human than everything "snapped to"). It would be far quicker to write out a neat score from the pdf which I could then photograph or scan, if only I had a way of combining the pages into a pdf.

I probably won't post the scores in future unless they're simple enough to avoid things like overcrowding. There are other problems with it like it doesn't intelligently allocate accidentals.

So, thank you for the offer and perhaps further down the line once I've studied the thing a little more, I could take it up hoping that it wouldn't presume upon you, if I make no progress. You've hit on a possibility though - compose the music, get it into the DAW then transfer it to notation software to get a decent publishable copy.

Cheers and thanks again,. 

It seems from what I've read here on this forum that a lot of us end up with two midi versions, one for notation purposes and one for audio purposes. 

Sibelius would never crowd notes like that unless you forced it to I don't think.. Not that it doesn't have a stable of annoying quirks to share with us. I can import a midi file and export a pdf  in about five minutes but of course that wouldn't include editing. I just wanted to see if the general layout would be more readable and attractive so please feel free to post a midi file.  Of course there is a possibility that someone might steal it if it isn't copyrighted..

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