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This is a work with a chamber group of 14 players.  I'm trying out some new ideas (for me anyway!)

Any and all input would be appreciated.

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     It's nice to hear something quiet and peaceful, although your pianissimo came out forte at the end. (These programs can't read dynamics).  I like the use of minor seconds to create tension then resolution.  This forum could use some slow melodic movements instead of the ubiquitous epic tunes.   

     Even in small group ensembles I use the section strings samples because the solo parts always sound creepy with too much vibrato.  Thanks for posting.

Hi Tim,

I liked the feel and rhythm of the track in general. It it pieceful and in some places epic, a little folclore and very tonal. Nice dissonances. Some ideas:

1. Tempo feels a little static. I would add some slowdowns in slow places and in the end.

2. Diminuendos are too abrupt with pauses after them. Of course, I understand that this is the consequence of not sequencing parts in a daw, but sometimes this can be corrected by prolonging diminuendo and making different instruments play a little different length of notes (this needs to be done carefully because it can sound artificially if exaggerated).

3. Some crescendos start too loud like in measure 8.

4. Bass seems too quiet to me. I do not feel the contrast when bass comes in. Did you change levels in mixer?

What is the library and notation program?


Thanks for listening.  Not sure why the pp came out so loud, it doesn't on my system, but I confess I didn't check the mp3 before I posted.

I wanted to avoid the full section because I was trying to keep the intimate feeling of a chamber ensemble.

Thanks again.


Thanks for the suggestions.  I tried to give it a more realistic performance with altering tempos, etc., but I'm learning that these have to be exaggerated a bit in the digital realm.  I'm still working on it!

I'll try the idea of changing note lengths. 

You're right, the balance of the mix still needs work, I didn't spend any time with it on this.

The notation program you see is Finale.  The piece is written and realized in Notion ( I'm still on version 3).  Notion will give me some DAW features (note lengths, velocities, etc.) but I'm still working on learning them.  The VST is Garritan GPO4.  All parts are using solo instruments.  The strings use different ones except Violin IV since it only has 3 solo violins.

Thanks again for the input.

Hi Tim
Has a nice dreamy quality.
Reminded me of Hermann's Vertigo scoring.
Did think too many pauses, perhaps have something hanging through.
So, to be followed by something jarring?

I liked where this is going; I hope you continue with it. It feels to me like it wants to continue the journey, wherever that may lead. Happy trails! (Sorry, just got back from a long winter walk).

To both Michaels,

Thank you both for listening.

My intent is to continue the piece, I just haven't decided which way to go.  I have three ideas, just trying to figure which will work best.

I am going to rework this part a bit as to the pauses and some other things I'm not quite satisfied with.

Thanks again for the comments.

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