so...hollywood strings or LASS?

right then..i have scraped together enough cash to get either Hollywood strings "gold edition" OR L.A Scoring Strings..  i've checked out as many demo's as i can for each (new extended demo of hollywood strings online now).  Both are pretty much the same price (at least until 25th January).  i'm erring towards LASS as the sounds seem to have more character to my guess the point is i don't know which to choose.  is anyone else going through this dilema?  if so, what other considerations are people taking into account in making their choices?


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  • Thanks Ray and John! LASS on order right now! finger hovered over "purchase now"..had a quick watch of the HS tutorial and instantly went back to Audiobro and bought LASS. HS did sound good for those epic cinematic strings but given that i would like to use the package for my solo project (which is pretty different to my soundtrack work) as well as scores i think the LASS sounds alot better..
  • I have LASS and I really do like it. I think initially it can take a little work to get certain sounds out of it but if you know your eq and reverb (and perhaps use a touch of PSP Vintage Warmer) then I'm pretty sure you can get anything you want from it.
  • LASS, LASS, LASS, LASS, LASS all the way.

    If I'm not mistaken (listening to the demos), Hollywood strings aren't a far cry from Vienna's Appassionata's strings which in itself isn't a far cry from millions and millions of violins playing the ET theme.
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