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Hey guys!


I wrote this soundtrack for a showreel. Feel free to comment and criticize.

Few words regarding the mixing: unfortunately i've overdone the mixing a bit. And this was the very first time I used synths.



Best regards,



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Hi Bob,

thank you for your reply!

Indeed - it is. And yes it did support the movie, though it was quite hard to do.

I cant fix it right at the moment because Im currently not in the studio nor do i have the time to work on this any further.

Regarding the application of compression: I undestand you point, but in terms of tonal balance multiband compression is a nice tool to make it sound better in terms of "supplying the movie" or "thickening the sound". There numerous discussions on the web regarding this, so i just do it as much as it contributes to the track.

I liked the melodic ideas lots, particularly after the piano solo.

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