• That's not bad, some good ideas. But I have to agree with Raymond, this is not really jazz. A good example to study (how many hours I spent analyzing him :) ) is Bill Evans. Try listening to the rythm and tempo in this recording:

  • This piece is neat! It's beautiful and well put together. While this doesn't strike me as a typical jazz piece, I see where you're coming from calling it jazz. Because it's Clarinet, Piano, Double Bass, and Drums: jazz combo.

  • Dearest Raymond.

    Do you ever think for one moment that there may be reasons for certain things? Or do you just go off spouting unhelpful comments to make up for your own short comings?

    Maybe, if you had taken a moment to think "Hmm, maybe there is a reason for Joe not replying to his own thread" then you would not have forced this response from me.

    At the moment I am dealing with and coming to terms with the sudden death of a very close loved one and along with making telephone calls and funeral arrangements, I haven't had time to reply to any of the helpful comments (of which yours are seemingly exempt) made by other users on this forum.

    To the rest of you who have made constructive comments, I thank you for your kind words. They have been the lift that I have needed in these last 2 weeks.

    Raymond, whilst I am fully aware that you could not have known about my personal circumstances at this time, I stand by what I said in that your might perhaps try thinking your responses through...

    Best wishes,


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