Hi, I am Asevenc ( <--- That's my nick. My real name is Abhik Chatterjee), and I'm new to this. About a day old now. I have never learnt music, so I have this alibi ready for most of your criticism. This track is about being stuck in a moment when one is smitten by it. Please be as good or bad to it as you want to be and comment.


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  • Very lovely piece, I liked the infusion of acoustic elements with a touch of electronic elements. I liked the asymmetrical meter used as well with the simple harmonic structure. The sudden ending was also a nice touch to the piece.

    There are a few critics I have:
    One being the lack of form. The piece wanted to just drift about but also gave the piece a few melodic lines that wanted to resolve in very particular ways as well as climax and fall. These two elements seemed to fight each other in a bad way. This also made the melodic lines seem to come out of nowhere and gave them no direction.

    Another thing I had an issue with was the title and the overall piece. The word smitten being defined as "deeply affected by love" was, I think, not at all what this piece seemed to be about. The piece seemed sad not loving. I felt more like this was a piece of longing and woe, almost as if it was a rainy day and your subject was alone, grief stricken.

    Other then that , I loved the piece, keep up the good work.
    • Thank you. I am grateful.
      I was in love with this piece myself, and now I realize how true your observations are!
      Thanks again. I respectfully accept them and will imbibe them henceforth.
      Thank you once again. I'm glad you liked it.
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